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If you are ready to choose recovery over addiction, we can help.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) coupled with counseling is the preferred treatment for heroin and opioid addiction. Think of it like taking medication for any other chronic disease, like diabetes or asthma.

When administered as prescribed, studies show that MAT can:
- Help reduce cravings
- Lower the rate of relapse
- Prevent overdose
- Ease the process of detoxification

At The Transition House, we offer medication-assisted treatment with Vivitrol or Suboxone. Our MAT includes counseling and behavioral therapies to treat substance use disorders and prevent opioid overdose.

If you would like to explore this treatment option, you can call TTHI Counseling Center at 407-892-4202.

The Transition House

Since 1993 The Transition House Inc. has been listening to the community and filling the need for services for individuals that have been unable to find their way through the disease of addiction and mental health. We help people find their solutions and learn the skills to remain in recovery and stay healthy.

Through all struggles, whether it is substance use disorders, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, post-traumatic stress disorders, homelessness, poor health and wellness or someone just needing guidance on making healthier choices in their lives, we are here to guide and empower you into your own personal recovery.

The Transition House Inc. since 1993 has worked with diverse populations ranging from Veterans, children, family systems, those involved in the Justice System, homeless and chronically homeless individuals. We are a diverse agency and encompass many different cultures, counseling techniques and evidenced based practices. It is this reason why our staff are able to provide the best services and approach each client’s issues in a holistic manner to work on a full recovery. Our goal is to provide guidance and empower our clients to make healthy choices.

Empowering people to make healthier choices and strive for a better quality of life.

Get Help Now

Our goal at The Transition House is to assist our clients in accomplishing their goals for a healthier and better life. Explore this site to find the many programs we offer and meet the professional staff behind them. If you have an immediate crisis, we urge you to seek emergency help by calling 911.

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